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2 Scoops of Grace | The Official Book Launch Page For Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top by Christian Author Jeanette Levellie

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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FREE Monthly Training Call

Join me for a FREE biblical dream interpretation monthly training call on Tue. 6/12 9 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. PST. The topic: Cultivating intimacy and dependency upon the Holy Spirit!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Digital Publishing Virtual Summit - Book Marketing Alliance

Please check out the line-up for the upcoming book marketing summit by clicking on the image. This is the 4th annual book marketing conference online and virtual tour for the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit presented by D'vorah Lansky and numerous other guests and contributors. It includes articles and interviews that will inform and empower your book marketing and publishing efforts.

Listen to an interview that I hosted with D'vorah Lansky on virtual book tours! This is very helpful and insightful info. CLICK HERE to listen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Biblical Dream Interpretation Monthly Training Call

Here is the recording of the new monthly biblical dream interpretation training call on the intuitive aspect of interpreting dreams. There are a couple of references I mentioned on the call that I want to call attention to in this post: 1.) Watchman Nee - His book The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Release of The Spirit is what I had in mind when I mentioned him. 2.) Gen. 40:8 is the scripture reference to Joseph the Patriarch of the OT is the reference I wanted to point out. Then next call will be Tue. June 12, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. EST or 6:00 p.m. PST. CLICK HERE to listen to the recording.

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FREE Biblical Dream Interpretation Training Calls

Join me Tue. 6/12 @ 9:00 p.m. EST, 6:00 p.m. PST, for a FREE Biblical Dream Interpretation Training Call. Our focus on the next call will be on the topics of intimacy and cultivating a dependency upon the Holy Spirit for interpreting dreams and visions. To learn more and to register for the call visit:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Was it a Dream or a Vision? And Does it Really Matter?

There are common misconceptions that you will hear from many when talking to them about their dreams. For example, and I don't really know where this originated but it is commonly said, "one has a dream at night when asleep and a vision in the day time when awake." More than anything I think this represents human rationale than the truth that is revealed in scripture. What is implied (or stated plainly) in scripture with reference to visions of the night is that indeed one can have a vision in their sleep, which generally is at night. I have even heard this from well meaning yet misguided "leaders" who have made the same assumption that we dream at night and experience visions when we are awake in the day time.

Here is a recent example. Just prior to waking up out of a nights sleep in the early morning hours a few days ago I saw the following: I was standing somewhere perhaps in a room in a home or building; the setting was not clear, and I saw and was viewing a friend (who I know) lifting up in the air, approximately 3 feet or so, another sister in Christ. Both of their backs were to me but what was taking place was how the one was lifting up with both arms stretched up, the other sister as high as she could. The sister in Christ was talking to me. I could hear her familiar voice telling me something, though when I awoke I did not remember really what she was saying. This has happened often in previous experience and tells me that what she was saying was really not the point. The reason I bring that out is because many people when seeking to interpret a dream or vision will get hung up on the fact that they wish they could remember what was being said. In this case, it simply was not the point of the message but rather what I was viewing overall was the message. Let me continue.

As she spoke to me, periodically, I would observe her heave like throwing up all the while being held by her friend off the ground. Then she would go back to speaking to me and then again heave as if throwing up and bending forward as a person would if they were throwing up. Furthermore, I noticed what she was wearing as she was up in the air. I noticed a white garment either a dress or loose fitting pair of pants (my apologies if you are from the UK and reading this :)). It was the kind of garment that is light, like summer time clothing here in California and for a lack of a better word a mesh or almost like a cheese cloth material. The experience ended and I slowly came out of my sleep.

This was clearly a vision. I knew that when I awoke out of my sleep and it did not fade from my memory. I can see it as clearly now as when I had it. The point of the vision was to show me a condition of this sister in Christ and to initiate prayer for her and her friend who was holding her up. Which brings me to another point. As we can have a dream that reveals a condition of someone or something, so we can see the condition of someone or something in a vision as was the case in this vision. As I mentioned it did not fade from my memory, which is a primary characteristic of a dream. If a dream is not captured or recorded somehow, it will quickly fade from our memory and will be lost perhaps in part if not in its entirety.

So what is the point you might be asking? There are a couple of points to all this. First, what is so commonly taught and believed by a majority of people may in fact be error. The prime example in this case is "we dream at night when we are asleep and have visions in the daytime when we are awake." This is just not true. I don't know about you but frankly I don't want to embrace or entertain flawed thinking even if it is "what everyone else believes" or cultural beliefs passed down from who knows where. The second point in identifying visions at night that we may have innocently mistaken as a dream, is simply to embrace and appreciate what the Holy Spirit has chosen to do in our lives.

It is my belief that many people have swallowed teaching and accepted that which is incorrect and incomplete or "off". Flawed might be another term we could use here. This one simple area that I have identified is an example of, God knows how many subtle yet important areas, that are wrong beliefs passed down perhaps through culture, educational institutions, family members or other sources, well meaning or not. Even if what we have believed is from someone we consider to be well meaning yet is in error they are still in error. Be that as it may, I want to embrace and respond to the revelation that the Holy Spirit is giving to me be it either a dream or a vision and my hope and prayer is that you will as well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dream Interpretation In Christianity: A Brief History

This article is reprinted by permission from Kelly Bulkeley Ph.D. I thought it might be of some interest to those who are curious about their dreams and for those curious about the bigger picture of church history and the corresponding views of dream interpretation that have surfaced over the past 2000 years or so in Christendom. Although this is a short article it is none the less important. Furthermore, I believe Dr. Bulkeley's work to be significant for the study of dreams in Christianity and for people today (those who dream and for leader's) to recognize and become more aware the historical aspect. I have asked Dr. Bulkeley to do an interview with me on the blog in the future and he has agreed; perhaps in April. Stay tuned!

Scott M. Shafer

This article was originally written for The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception. The editors asked for a revised entry focusing on modern Europe and America, so I’m posting this piece as a short (<1000 words) general survey of the history of dream interpretation in Christianity.
Dreams and dream interpretation play a variety of roles in the Bible.  They reveal God’s presence and plan for the future (e.g., Jacob’s dream at Bethel, Gen 28:10-22), warn of impending dangers (e.g., Pharaoh’s nightmares in Gen 41), guide and reassure the faithful (e.g., Paul’s visions of the night in Acts 16:9 and 18:9), and bestow blessings (e.g., Joseph’s dream of the angel in Matt 1:20).  In some passages dreaming is presented as a form of divine inspiration, for example Joel 2:28: “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.”
However, some Biblical texts question the meaningfulness of dreams and the veracity of those that seem to reveal messages from God.  In Zech10:2 it says, “the dreamers tell false dreams, and give empty consolation,” while Jer 29:8 warns, “do not listen to the dreams which they dream.”  The skeptical attitude expressed in these passages does not contradict the more favorable treatment of dreams found in the other texts, but rather provides a balancing perspective that heightens awareness of the challenges of discerning God’s truth.
The imperative question then becomes, how does one distinguish a true from a false dream?  If God does indeed speak in dreams, then a faithful person should be attentive to that possibility in his or her own dreaming experience.  But if dreams can also be false or misleading, what guidance does a person have in distinguishing the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff?
The Bible itself suggests at least three possible answers.  1) Direct messages. Sometimes a dream’s meaning is so clear and distinct that no interpretation is necessary, as in Joseph’s dream of the angel in Matthew 1 and Paul’s night visions, both of which involve direct, unambiguous auditory communications.  2) Metaphorical analysis. In some cases a method of metaphoric/symbolic translation is required to understand a dream’s meaning and import, most famously with Joseph and his interpretation of Pharaoh’s two disturbing dreams of self-devouring cows and ears of grain.  Joseph emphasizes the significance of the two dreams together: “the doubling of Pharaoh’s dreams means that the thing is fixed by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass” (Gen 41:32).  Unfortunately the text does not say how exactly Joseph knew, for example, that the number of cows and ears of grain would equal the number of years of coming plenty and famine.  3) Faith and mystical intuition. Both Joseph and Daniel say that their ability to interpret dreams ultimately rests on their faith in God’s guidance.  This faith enables Joseph to accurately identify the symbolic meaning of Pharaoh’s nightmares, succeeding where all the royal diviners and wise men had failed.  Daniel’s faith-fueled interpretive ability is so great that he can tell Nebuchadnezzar what his dream means without even hearing the dream in the first place (Dan 2).
All Biblical references to dreams and dream interpretation are intertwined in complex ways with other cultural traditions and dream teachings, making it difficult to speak of a uniquely Christian method of interpreting dreams.  It is better instead to consider some of the ways Christians have practiced, or argued against, the interpretation of dreams.
Several early Christian theologians (e.g., Tertullian, Origen, Synesius) spoke highly of dreams as an authentic source of divine inspiration.   These church fathers saw dreams, properly interpreted, as a powerful means of strengthening people’s faith and converting new people to the Christian community. Augustine, following his own conversion and vow of chastity, treated dreams skeptically as a source of sexual temptation, but he acknowledged that his deeply faithful mother Monica had an innate ability to distinguish personal dreams from truly divine dreams.  Thomas Aquinas, in the Summa Theologica, evaluates divination by dreams in terms of its theological legitimacy and concludes that it may, in the right circumstances, be practiced by good Christians: “There is no unlawful divination in making use of dreams for the foreknowledge of the future, so long as those dreams are due to divine revelation, or to some natural cause inward or outward, and so far as the efficacy of that cause extends.”  A strong statement against dreams comes from Protestant reformer Martin Luther, in his commentary on the story of Joseph and Pharaoh in Genesis 40: “I care nothing about visions and dreams.  Although they seem to have a meaning, yet I despise them and am content with the sure meaning and trustworthiness of Holy Scripture.”  Luther does not deny that some dreams may have divine messages, but he insists that any dream must be tested for its fidelity to scripture.  This reduces dream interpretation to a process of confirming what is already known in scripture, effectively rendering dreams spiritually superfluous.
Since the Enlightenment, dream interpretation has generally been relegated to the realm of superstition and fortune-telling (or used by inquisitors to ferret out heretics).  Modern Christian theologians have for the most part conceded to the rationalist viewpoint and ignored dreams as a topic of serious, sustained reflection.  In the twentieth century the twin forces of Freudian psychoanalysis and sleep laboratory research, though disagreeing on many points, combined to dismiss religious ideas about dreams in favor of reductive psychological explanations.  Present-day Christians are thus left with an ambiguous heritage.  A phenomenon with an honored place in scripture and early history has fallen into disrepute, despite the experiential fact that people today continue to have dreams with religious significance and spiritually meaningful content.

Kelly Bulkeley
The Graduate Theological Union

Friday, March 9, 2012

Replay: Book Marketing Teleseminar Series Call #5 w/Elaine Wilkes

This is the recording of the 5th and final call of The Book Marketing Teleseminar Series w/featured guest Elaine Wilkes. Elaine shared valuable content not only relevant to getting your book into bookstores but also gave some really great insight to help authors think beyond just Barnes & Noble for example. She covered things like getting your books into libraries, the advantage of being "local", tips for writing emails to buyers, the importance of your cover, title and subtitle, understanding the mindset of buyers and how to pitch them, and some fabulous examples of authors who have had success after going through her course How to Get Your Book into Stores. The course covers so much including recordings with Elaine speaking to buyers, extensive store and buyers lists including contact info, eBook training, community within the course framework to partner with other authors, and regular updates. Elaine offers a discount on the course (normally $299.00) for those who reference the call (or recording) $147.00. To listen to the recording CLICK HERE. To learn more about her course visit: http://whateverydreammeans.com/Elaine